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Take it from me...

Seems like there's a lot of negativity in the world these days doesn't it? I've been doing a bit (quite a bit) of reflecting lately. Call it the wandering toughts of a mid-life crisis on caffine...or the mutterings of Joe Anybody - but there is one thing I keep coming back to.

If you're not taking time to do what you love - you're wasting your life. So, I turn to my music -again.

I find myself emerging from the need to write song's to sluff off the smell of bad experiences, to material that reflects commonality in the truths we all share (or should share). Family, thing's that are good (happy memories, security, kids, chocolate, and cold beer :)

But, what do I know right? I know that "Music is the souls voice" - and mine is enjoying the conversation.

What's your soul singing these days?

God Bless!

Its time...

After a long and busy period in my life - it's time. Time to get back to writing and recording. Maybe I'll hit some open mics with some new stuff...

Pondering ideas....

Still thinking of just what style I should call home...too many influences to keep my head quiet enough to know....LOL.