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Updating - here I come!

So what's new in the eye of the Soulstorm? Well to begin with we're working hard on the mastering of All that remains and counting with it to be put up on our Myspace very very soon. Also, like you can read on our profile, we have recorded the songs In dispute and Within me. We haven't decided about how the release is going to be yet but that's is an issue that can be discussed later. :)

Tomorrow we're doing our second show at the great Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg, and hopefully repeat the last time's success. To try to avoid being boring, we're changing the setlist just slightly and will be adding our new song Descending. Damn, that song is a mean fucker..^^ To make things even more exciting we may even start the show with an intro..now how about that, huh?

This will be all for the moment so DON'T MISS....DON'T miss the show tomorrow! it could be one of the best days of your life. ;)


An apologize and shows

We apologize that we for the moment are unable to upload any song on any other kind of music page except Myspace, but please come back in a while, or visit our Myspace, to share the joy of listening to Soulstorm.

LATEST NEWS: Shatter has recieved good critique and has already passed 1000 listenings on our Myspace. For the moment we are working on to get hold of a studio to record the rest of our songs, so stay tuned to not miss out. -200/04/21-


Upcoming shows:

- 1200 Kvadrat. Västra Frölunda, Gothenburg, May 16th

- Sticky Fingers/Club Centurion. Gothenburg, May 27th. 60kr

- Offerfest. Svenljunga, date TBA.

- Sticky Fingers/Club Centurion. Gothenburg, July 8th. 60kr