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Our First Show !!

First of all on behalf of the Band I like to express my utmost Thanx to all who attended in the blistering cold weather to hear us do our Thang!! It was greatly appreciated.. I'd also like to thank the rest of the Band for a stupendous night and treating me like the rockstar I am LoL ( setting up tearing down etc.. I owe u's large )

That was then

But this week we've redone the mix seems allright, again were not doing tracks just a live off the floor mix trying to keep the live feel. let us know what you think Thanx Diamond Dan

Allllrighty then!!

Here's the scoop, Thanx to the first five fans that climbed abord. Now it's up to you to start blogging us comments are welcome. So we've taken this from a once a week pow pow to a 2 jam a week endeavor and I predict We'll be ready for a show anytime now, we've decided to stay in the Rock genre ( including Classic & Alternative ) we're workin on some ballads for the Ladies and a couple of surprises too!! Here's hopeing word will spread fast and positively I would just like to Say thanx 2 all that remember the old days..and that I am fortunate enough to find 4 more guys to put up with my S$%t again lol & to have the chance to Rock the House!!! Stay Tooooned!!! :)

Salutations !!

Hello and good day/night 2 all you may be wondering why theres not much going on here..It's just a matter of time and i'll get this thing organized and more interesting to check out we're in the process of figureing out this app and all the bells & whistles that come with it we'll get @ it REALLY!! Thanks all!!