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Live Music: What is it Worth to You?

Greetings, Friends and fans of Guitarist Michael DeLalla. After finishing up 2009 with a wonderful tour in Florida I’m home for the next few months, and thought I’d take the opportunity to do a little research regarding live music and its place in our busy lives. We’re all so busy. We all spend more and more time on “social networks”—definitely networking, but how social is it? Likewise, we access music in so many more ways than live and up-close—we download, we trade files; once in a while we even buy a CD..;-) . Personally, I feel that nothing equals a musical experience like experiencing it live. As a performing artist, I’ve always felt that performing, unlike recording, is a synergistic experience between me and my audience. I can literally feel and tap into that energy, put it back into the music, and return it to the listener in an ever-building feedback loop of something special, something shared, in the moment. So I’m dedicating these next few months to trying to answer these questions: what is the value of live music? Does the listener value it more/less/differently than recorded music? How does that value translate into a weekly/monthly budget, when we all have fewer dollars to spend on entertainment/culture? So come to a show. Cost? You decide its value to you. At intermission, answer that question with your cash, check or credit card. This way, you don’t immediately decide NOT to attend because: 1) it’s expensive; 2) driving/parking/the bus is a hassle; 3)I have other things to do…you get to place a value on live music as it fits into your life, your schedule, your budget. And besides that, I’d love to see you. Details for this little experiment follow: Sunday, Jan. 31 8:30 pm Guitarist/Composer Michael DeLalla The Laughing Goat 1709 Pearl St. Boulder CO Cost: you decide Oh, and those social networks? Well, let’s get them involved, too. Bring a laptop, handheld device, iPhone, etc. Post/Tweet your decision on the value of live music from right there (Laughing Goat has Wi-Fi!)—go ahead, you can even take a pic or soundbite. Hope to see you soon, Michael