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Hooooooow The Lord Blesses

Now don't get us wrong, it's not like we didn't think God could do this...maybe it's just that it's still amazing he's doing it with us. Sometimes when were together we end up just sitting there in amazement that we have had the opportunities we have had. And as much as we would love to lead worship for the rest of our lives, I think we also all realize, that even if the Lord calls us to something different right now, the time we have had has truelly been a blessing. Buuuuuuttttttt i still really hope the Lord wants to do more with us...keeeep us in prayer :) -Daniel "Tom" LaLonde

The Shortest Practice Ever

Well basically I had to go to school (unfortunately) and I couldn't get my car so I was late to practice. What started off as a like seven hour practice had been condensed into about three hours because David had to leave. But we pulled together being the oh so efficient band that we are, and played a new orignal and recorded "I'm a robber". We tried to get a new version of "The Fall" put together by playing the instruments and then dubbing over the voice, but that obviously didn't work because our singer obviously cant sing dependent on the band :). all in all though it was a good practice and we got a lot accomplished in a short period of time -Daniel "Tom" LaLonde

"The Practice (2)"

Yeah it is hard...practicing two days straight. Ears almost bleed.Fingers do. You start to yell at your band mates (mostly me yelling and Daniel to stop with his annoying guitar sounds. Yep that is right. Annoying guitar sounds. When he finds the most annoying sound on the guitar and plays it repeatedly over and over and over till you want to go insane!) But in the end you become a better musician and become better as a band. You end up writing and recording your first song on a laptop computer and have a great time. If only there was a remote off button to Daniel's guitar.

Jordan West

"The Practice"

Apparantly when you first start a band it takes a lot of work. It all began with a two day straight band practic...this is hard. All well it's definitely worth it. Although we have all found that no matter how much you like you band and no matter how much you love playing your instrument...you still get tired eventually. But it's okay because were a new band and were doing well -Daniel "Tom" LaLonde