We are #1 on Philadelphia's Gashouse Radio

Our song 'It's a Pity' came in at #1 on last night's top 10 Count Down on Philadelphia's Gashouse Radio. Donnie Kepley and David Orr were joined by the incredibly talented Mike Griffith and Bryan Forrest in creating this wonderful recording. http://gashouseradio.com

'The Menstruating Angel and the Snoring Hummingbird' is HUM's 'Song of the Day'

Happy to announce that our song 'The Menstruating Angel and the Snoring Hummingbird' was selected as HUM's Song of the Day. http://www.humhr.com/#!HUM-s-Song-of-The-Day-The-Menstruating-Angel-and-the-Snoring-Hummingbird-by-Tusko-Fatale/cr40/553d4b610cf2731334f727cd

Our Video Has Won Veer Magazine's Music Video of the Year

I am happy and honored to announce that our video 'The Menstruating Angel and the Snoring Hummingbird' won Veer Magazine's 'Music Video of the Year Award'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOQjI1svuzI

Our video is in the running for Music Video of the Year.

I just found out today that our song/video 'The Menstruating Angel and the Snoring Hummingbird' is in the running for Veer Magazine's music video of the year. If you get a chance please go to the link below and cast your vote. Thank you for your support. http://veermag.com/2015/01/vote-local-music-awards/

Tusko Fatale on Season Premiere of 'Soundcheck'

We would like to thank Jay Sanchez for including TUSKO FATALE on the Season 4 Premiere of Soundcheck on Cox channels 11 and 1011. Jay has been instrumental in promoting original music in Hampton Roads and we all so appreciate his tireless efforts as an advocate of the regional music scene.

Elephants on Acid

August 3, 1962, 52 years ago today, Tusko the Elephant, woke in his pen at the Lincoln Park Zoo (now the Oklahoma City Zoo) not knowing that he would become the test subject in an experiment to see what happens to an elephant when given a massive dosage of LSD. Researchers injected Tusko with 297 mg of LSD, which is over a 1000 times the dose typical of human recreational use. Five minutes later Tusko collapsed. One hour and forty minutes later Tusko was dead. Tusko Fatale was named in memory of this noble animal. Today we remember, honor and celebrate Tusko the Elephant. http://www.reverbnation.com/tuskofatale/song/12545986-the-unfortunate-elephant

Educational Video on the Ill-Fated Tusko LSD Experiment

Interesting educational video on the ill-fated Tusko LSD experiment of Aug. 3, 1962. Nice Tusko Fatale plug at 1:35. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbVZ3mwd6VM

'It's a Pity' is #1 on N1M Indie Chart in Virginia

We would like to thank our fans for making our song 'It's a Pity' #1 on their Indie Charts in Virginia. http://www.numberonemusic.com

'Bryce, The Skunkman and You' is #1

We would like to thank our fans and fellow musicians at The Spotlight Zone for ranking our song 'Bryce, The Skunkman and You' #1 on their Psychedelic Chart worldwide!!