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Album release.

Return of a King will be released on the 31st of July 2010.

A limited edition version of the album will be available to buy along side a standard jewel case CD.

You can pre order the limited eidtion CD at www.steeltormentor.com .Only 100 copies of the limited edition CD will be pressed.

See www.steeltormentor.com for details.

The new album

Track listing for Return of a King.

1.Ghost of Avalon 2.Evil coming 3.Armageddon 4.Warrior 5.Soul stealer 6.Into the black 7.Return of a King 8.Warrior (single edit)

Album recorded in Italy 2008 & Germany 2009

Producer Italy Nick Savio Remaster studio

Producer Germany Lasse Lammert LSD studio