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Testing.. 123 did this post to Twitter?

I sure hope so...!

Michael Chenkus
Michael Chenkus  (about 8 years ago)

So the blog post worked... It updates my Twitter which will be embedded on my main website! So the Twitter box will show my tweets and my blog updates as well as my song updates. Website will be ready real soon.Itunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, and CDbaby are almost up. TTYS

Album Almost Done!

SO... a car load of musicians, a videographer, an overpriced parking garage and a day in a penthouse studio in Times Square- Sounds good to me. We're trekking down to finish tracking the band for the rest of the album this weekend. Psyched to say it's almost there. Two months til' the big debut on October 30th. Everyone get prepped and save that date! Mark it in your calendars OCTOBER 30. Day before Halloween. And NO, no costumes lol.