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december 20th 1989

back N Then december 20th

on a wierd mornig, the day started with a loud and crackee voice from a radio that sounded more like megaphone with sort of a walkie talkie stock on it actually it was more like the narrator of one of them space cartoons joints seen from a kid point of view... you just got cough up in some GI Joe episode tipe of bushit but! live... and you was playing Cobra if you know what am saying! the building , made of wood has a full capacity of all most a hundred families and it was builded early in the past century for the Canal workers, so you know that shit was falling a part, no joke! ma own mama, have a incitent when she was pregnant when i had a whole diferent angle of her fila tennis shoe from the second floor where i was playing the lates Atari joint that came out, with the bunch, we could listen to Her claiming for help, N then part of the spikes dripping blood with her voice mixed in to one single track, just picture me i was eigh still an these happened about year and months before the ¨war¨...in less than a second that told me to run as fast i could to tell some body about it. any ways shit was tuff. These is what Americans call the projects where the majority of the rooms filled up with no less than two individuals, becomes a not so dificult place to geting hurt on a invation isn´t..? but some how a few brave men, women, and kids defended and it wasn´t burned down to ashes by the Green GO! Maddness ... ill talk some more about it ........ i have a story to tell .

but now all am going to tell yo All! it was truly disrespectfull not to consider 12/20/89 as a HOLLYDAY!

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