Darryl Evan Jones / Blog

New Video

We've finally finished post-production on my new music video. Look for the debut "The Ride" tomorrow.

Back on TV

Tune in this Monday morning at 9:00 CST to catch my live appearance/performance on the local ABC-24's "Local Memphis Live". I'll be performing my next radio single "The Ride". If you can't catch it live, be sure to set your DVR. Tell all your friends.

Last Saturday

Take a short break from shopping on this last Saturday before Christmas. Join me at the Wolfchase Galleria in Cordova TN, at 3:00 pm. I'll be at center court, bringing you some good jazz to de-stress your day. "Darryl Evan Jones: A Man And His Music" is a must see event. You'll be glad you made it.

Black Saturday

If you're out looking for holiday shopping deals next Saturday 11/30, you can catch me doing a performance at The Wolfchase Galleria, at 3:00 pm. Look for me in the Dillard's wing. Some guy in a red suit's already got dibs on center court.

A Different Path

It's funny how the actual path to a goal can be quite different than the one you mapped out. I guess it's the old best laid plans of mice and men scenario. Anyway, I find myself doing something I never thought I'd do, a few track shows. I definitely prefer the look, sound, and feel of a live band, but right now I have to get performing again. So tracks it is.


Okay, so my new CDs are supposed to be arriving today. At last check, they were put on the delivery truck this morning at around 6:00 this morning. I can hardly wait! Once they're here, I've got to hurry off to FedEx to make sure the first orders are available on cdbaby.com tomorrow. Here's to anticipation and optimism.

Battle Royale

Management contract negotiations are underway. I'm not sure just how far apart the two sides are, but I can already see fireworks. Someone once said that it's only a good negotiation when both sides walk away unhappy. I'm not sure about the accuracy of that statement, but I can't wait for the lawyers to complete the process. We've got major work to do in 2012.

Deal Or No Deal

Today I started receiving contracts for a management and record deal. While both are impressive achievements, I find myself being more cautious than excited. Am I excited? Of course! However, I also understand that this is a business. I'm 45, not 15. I know that negotiations are part of this process. As long as both sides come away with "bruises", it's all good. While I am so ready for the next step and chapter in my career, I can't just jump because an opportunity presents itself. So, deal or no deal? That is the question. Only time will tell...

November 10

I begin today critiquing the status of my career. I look first at what I've accomplished. Then I direct my attention to what I need to do to progress, not only musically but in the industry. It's clear to me that no matter how much anyone may enjoy my music, all the industry really cares about is numbers. The industry movers and shakers only want to know how many people can they sell tickets to; how many units can they sell? With that in mind, I must assemble a publicity and marketing machine! I must put the name Darryl Evan Jones on as many lips and in as many ears as possible. Otherwise, what's the point? Have I labored and sacrificed all this time for nothing? God forbid. So if you're reading this blog, you've already incorporated yourself into not only my musical family, but into my machine. For that, I say thank you. Please don't forget to share what we've created with your family and friends. Together, we really can make a musical difference.

Spinning Wheels

Sometimes it seems the harder you try, the more you're at a stand still. It's often hard to keep a positive attitude, but I know I must. If it's not promoter issues, it's band issues. If it's not money issues, it's personal issues. Lately I've felt like I'm spinning my wheels. I was all set for a weekly performance series, then football season started knocking. I've networked with so many people this year alone, only to have them not come through or suddenly not respond anymore. I've been over-looked and discounted by countless others. Still I must remain upbeat. I have to believe greatness and success is just over the next hill or mountain. I will continue to think and speak positivity. I will attempt to surround myself with positive people. My destination is clear. What's not clear is my route. I was once taught to remain pliable. So I shall, for I refuse to break!