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Tomorrow, the world

It's funny. We've been on a big PR push, setting up gigs to showcase, flaunting our latest music video at the "Dances With Films" and Las Vegas Film festivals and pushing our new CD to the press and to the masses, and we've discovered that there are several others out there, lesser known to well known, doing this thing we do or, at least, doing their own version thereof. And we've been at this for some time now, longer than we care to admit, paying our dues, trying to make ourselves known and respected by a great many people who love music, building a product and an audience for that product. It's exciting to find that this whole mashup thing we helped pioneer and legitimize has seemingly become a new genre, and we hope to see this go further for us. Particularly because I think we do it so goddamn well.

Los Angeles is a tough town to start something. You're better off starting just about anywhere else and bringing your polished, backed act to town after you've created a buzz. But here we are, doin' the do, playin' the game, creating the buzz.

But we want outta here. We want to tour. It's been too long since I've seen my native England. And I've never seen most of Europe, or any of Asia, Africa, Russia, Australia, etc., etc. I wanna see the world. More importantly, I want the world to see us. Nutty is overdue for a tour- a world tour, a US tour, an East Coast tour, a Pacific Northwest tour, hell, any tour! Hmm...I'll bet there's an enterprising someone out there who sees the potential. They just haven't discovered us yet...