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NEW EP "So Long As They Are Wild" HOT OFF THE PRESS!!

Check it out here: http://hisland.bandcamp.com - download your FREE copy now!

New EP is up!

Finally, our new EP is up! Recorded in a cottage bunkhouse on Horseshoe Island in The 1000 Islands. A big thanks to our friends Ryan Ritter for helping with the recording process and Charles Ryan Corrigan for mixing the record. As always, we're looking for your feedback, so don't hesitate. Thanks for your unending support y'all.

Sneak Peak of the new EP - "Casino"

Another track, "Casino", has been put up for your listening pleasure. It, along with "Too Much", are 2 of the 4 songs off the new EP. It will be released October 1st. What do you think?

Post-SXSW 2011

We love Austin. Nah, we just love Texas in general.

Cheapest beer, cigarettes, food, liquor, and beer. And the crowds were fantastic. We can't express how great of a time we had playing for everyone in Austin! You guys were so good to us, and we can't wait to come back.

In the meantime, videos from our performances there are now up, so feel free to comment, rate, and share with your friends. We're always happy to welcome new fans!

Thanks again "y'all", 'til next time.


Hisland heading to SXSW!

Great news came in our inbox yesterday - we've been chosen to perform in Austin, Texas during SXSWeek! We couldn't be more excited and grateful for the opportunity. It seems everything's going so fast for us, so we're just taking it in.

In the meantime, we're in the process of getting our B-1 Visas so we can legally perform down there in March.

We'll keep you all posted. Thanks again for all the love and support.


First Mixes

Sup fans,

Our first mixes from the studio are now up - they aren't the mastered tracks for our EP, work still needs to be done on each song - but these are better sounding tracks to listen to for the time being.


Rob from The DeVilles

An Honour at El Mocambo

Hey all,

Just wanted to personally thank all of you who came out the other night. We had a blast playing for you and we hope to see you all at our future shows.

El Mocambo was special for all of us - its hosted greats like The Ramones, Rolling Stones and Stevie Ray Vaughan on the main stage and we were stoked to share the same privilege.

Many good things have already come from last night at the Elmo. From putting another one up in the win column, we're finally being put in touch with the right people and we've already booked 5 more shows as of this afternoon. And because of this, a lot of our thanks goes to Supernova for giving us the opportunity to rock some great venues so far. We're stoked and privileged to play in front of such awesome crowds filled with people like you, so we hope to see you all soon.

As promised, our EP should be ready to distribute by next week. The studio is just finishing the mixing and mastering of it as we speak, so just holler if you'd like a copy and I'll make sure you've got one by the weekend.

Thanks again for all your support and love,

Rob from The DeVilles