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New Christmas single

I’m totally excited about finishing up my first Christmas song in the studio next week! I’ve always loved this time of year and I’m looking forward to it! May all of you enjoy the holidays no matter whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas or just being alive! Peace and love to all! ✌️❤️🎶

Exciting New Year!

Hoping everyone has a GREAT 2017! Let's all try for the best! Music is the spirit of the world. Peace and kindness for all! Love ya' all!

We are almost in fall! I've got great things planned by the end of the year…

I've got great things planned by the end of the year… right now I'm in development on two songs… And I'm planning on doing a calendar! Due to the popularity on my poster I decided to do a calendar -however it might not be coming out this year. I'm lined up for a shoot with Shameless Photography in October! I'm very excited about this! Hoping everyone is having fun too!

Looking forward to more projects!

Still promoting my single "Dance Mayhem," and working on other singles. I wrote "Big Car Dreams," and I'm hoping to get into the studio within the next few months on that for Park Lane Drive Records. I'm also in contact with a big name record company to get sampling permission for my new single -unfortunately that does take a while.:( After I get that permission, I'll be scouting for a rapper to rap some lyrics in the studio with me-sure to be FUN!!!! No dull moments here! Keep smiling! :)

Happy to be on page 2 of Highlight Hollywood News...

http://highlighthollywood.com/page/2/ Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Hollywood and the Rapping Witch

Highlighthollywood news:



https://youtu.be/n4sNas8WE7U RAPPING WITH THE WITCH video released! Going on live TV at Queens Public TV tonight with Aurelia! HALLOWEEN!

Rapping With The Witch this weekend!

Getting closer to the shoot for Rapping With The Witch; hired some great people to make that witch look good! Stay tuned! Out by Halloween!


Enjoy your Sunday everyone! I'm here promoting my new music-yes, indies sometimes do it all! :) https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Ann_dee_Exile_in_Babylon?id=Breposubo2dxtlalfujmal2olwa

Rapping With the Witch and new EP Coming!

Ann-dee's EP "Exile In Babylon'' and Halloween single Rapping With The Witch" are being released this weekend... "Life is great when I'm doing music, " said Ann-dee, adding " that witch is sure to get a Halloween party started this year!"