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Simon Centaur / Blog

Beauty of life

Beauty of life Every person is special and one of a kind. Society tries to make us believe that materialistic things should be your ultimate goal in life and if we don’t look and act a particular way we are not part of the human race. Seems a bit sad that so many fall for it only because they don’t want to be left out. I often wonder what God see’s when he looks at all of us. The days when a smile is just the mask of a lonely night were a tear fell in silence. Life was never meant to be like that. Your life was meant to be an adventure with the glass half full and running over at the same time and where love, compassion, and peace rule your life. The beauty of life is that we are not perfect. We are supposed to make mistakes. That’s what makes us grow. Being real to ourselves and to others because we understand we are not perfect. The point is to grow in understanding so we won’t give up. Being alone is sometimes God’s way of guarding our hearts and healing us from our mistakes. Preparing us for the person we were meant to be with while all along learning as we grew in life. 

Butterfly Hollow

Butterfly Hollow:

If you listen at night as you look upon the stars, you will hear my heart whispering your name. When you feel the gentle breeze blow against your face, it is my thoughts becoming yours. And when you close your eyes at night, you will feel our souls dancing together, for our love is not of this world but of the spirit. And our spirit and our love will live for all eternity.


A beautiful poem that was sent to me by a friend:

As I lay here on your side of my bed... whispers in the night awaken my soul...my heart cry's out for you...my mind says dry your eyes it was just a dream... Only true love silences the loudness of the night. And the whisper of that love calms the soul.

Love of the night

The best times are making love all night while listening to an Eagles album. Watching your eyes reflect the night lights as our lips gently touch. Slowly drifting off to sleep embraced in each others arms. Not even realizing the world had gone away. If only for a little while. And the peace of knowing that you are not just my yesterday but all my tomorrows.


Tonight i feel you stronger than my heart can hold.the couch will be my escape from your side of my bed.Thoughts of our love linger so deep in my soul.warm tears replace your soft kisses ... Words inside of me...

Will You...by TJT

.Will you let another into your Soul where You and I once Connected and Lost ourselves in each others Embrace..Will you Remember our Journey through Love and Life Together where Moments turned into Memories for all Eternity..Will you Think of me and Smile when a Single Tear is released from your Sacred place..Will you Hear my Heart calling in the Night, and When You do, Will you Reach out your Hand and Whisper to Calm my Soul..Will you do this for me..Because for You, I Will .....TJT

A Single Tear

A Single Tear isn't Just a Feeling of Emotion...It's to Reminds You that you are Human and Alive..be it a Tear of Sadness or Joy...A Tear comes from the release of a Moment that was hanging on to your Heart for too long ...TJT Have a Day of Peace within your Heart.....This pretty pink flower was smaller than my pinky nail..I noticed the tiny drop of liquid sunshine on her fragile petal like a tear from Heaven ...after taking the picture I knelt down to smell the lovely fragrance ...the drop, like a Tender Kiss, touched the Smile on my lips and then my Heart felt at Peace once again...

Hanging by a Moment.. by TJT

Hanging by a moment Have you ever looked closely at a piece of thread...its like a gazillion pieces of fiber to make up one ..at least that's how I see it.....sometimes I find myself imagining that this is how our heart strings might be...each special moment be it happy or sad in our journey through love and life makes up one frail fiber from our soul to our heart woven together with other moments...through time a fiber may fray but never break because it is hanging on by a thread...


She’s a lady and sometimes a girl. She’s a lover and my best friend. She sees the world different than I. She laughs and I don’t understand and she cries and says I wouldn’t understand. She looks at me like no other. She buys for others and goes without. She is not a warrior but is the bravest person I know. If I start to lie she gives me the eye. She listens with her heart and hears what I cannot. She is the same as me and yet as different as the day is from the night. But she’s all I have ever dreamed of. And as I started to lay my pencil down I pondered and smiled, as I remembered my Dad talking about a girl just like she.

Simon C

Wherever you walk, I will walk with you. Whatever you see, my eyes will see. When you feel your heart beat you will feel the love of me. When you smile like the morning sun, there I’ll be…. And because of your love in my life, now I can see the real me. OZ