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Simon Centaur / Blog

Words inside of me...

Tonight i feel you stronger than my heart can hold.the couch will be my escape from your side of my bed.Thoughts of our love linger so deep in my soul.warm tears replace your soft kisses ...

If you could see love...

I miss your touch and the feeling of your breath on my lips..i want to smell you..to taste you..to look into your eyes and into your soul...i need to hear your whispers in the night telling me you love me and scooting over next to you on your side of my bed and holding you and telling you how much i love and desire you..i long to make love to you and fall asleep in your embrace..i want to be reassured that i am your priority as you are mine...i want you to need my attention more than you want the attention from strangers..the most satisfying thing in the world to me is making sweet love while listening to the Eagles cd and feeling Peace in your arms knowing its all going to be alright.

Handful of Seeds

A dear beautiful person in my life once told me. Love is like taking a handful of seeds and throwing them into the wind. We don’t have any choice of knowing which one will take root. But when we realize that one has, we do have a choice then to nurture it and protect it through all circumstances. Then as time passes and it grows you will reap the benefits of the gift that was given. But if we choose to ignore what was given, like love it will slowly wither away. Then as the years go by you may look back and realize that, that one seed that took root and you ignored was the only one that you will ever have. Because dear son, Like God, you didn’t choose love, it chose you. Love, Mom

This Day

Take advantage of this day again and let it be the beginning of you celebrating and living life as it was meant to be. A life filled with love and adventure. Believe and have faith because the ups and downs of live are what make it an adventure. We grow each day in faith and our hearts and minds grow wiser with understanding and love. So like the beautiful Butterfly, she was not born beautiful but by living her life she developed into it. I don’t want to live forever, I just want to shine the days that are given me.

Beauty of Life

Every person is special and one of a kind. Society tries to make us believe that materialistic things should be your ultimate goal in life and if we don’t look and act a particular way we are not part of the human race. Seems a bit sad that so many fall for it only because they don’t want to be left out. I often wonder what God see’s when he looks at all of us. The days when a smile is just the mask of a lonely night were a tear fell in silence. Life was never meant to be like that. Your life was meant to be an adventure with the glass half full and running over at the same time and where love, compassion, and peace rule your life. The beauty of life is that we are not perfect. We are supposed to make mistakes. That’s what makes us grow. Being real to ourselves and to others because we understand we are not perfect. The point is to grow in understanding so we won’t give up. Being alone is sometimes God’s way of guarding our hearts and healing us from our mistakes. Preparing us for the person we were meant to be with while all along learning as we grew in life.

The music

You can’t buy it. You’re born with it. Even now after all these years when I get near a stage and I hear the drummer softly starting to beat around his set getting them tuned. And the guitar stobes flashing on the side of the stage lining up the right pitch. I can hear the amplifiers starting to buzz from the overdrive. It’s then I can feel my muscles start to tighten up and my blood seems to come to boil. The guitar that set silently in it’s case, now has becomes part of me. The music becomes my breathe and electrifies my soul as we became one… And with the blast of that first note, the lights blind the stage and the music makes the world go away for a little while and takes you to a place where you belong…. Simon C

Sent to me by an unknown writer 1-18-14

Seems a long night to be ahead. The scent of an old garden still lingers in the very heart of summers fade…long the heart of those footsteps within its corridors. And breathless be the lips that whisper your name. The halls seem to echo of signs. Pines whisper so in the winds now crossing the water beyond the hillsides… A match strikes, and a small flame ignites the corridors. The wick of a small candle. Shadows form along the walls of outlining oak branches swaying with moss, along with a lone star that’s rising behind the laced window pane

The Person within

The strength of a person is in the spirit in which one entrusts themselves for guidance. Often it is as silent as a Whisper. So it is said that in your life's journey many will see and yet not understand. But, one will see, as it was meant to be understood. And then you will realize what you have always known......

Sent to me by an unknown writer 12-18-13

Pure as remnants of Summers fading Where petals scattered our nights and reflections bestowed grace within our breaking dawns beyond points of light where all thresholds. For as time be not our keeper along these watchtower ruins spent and torn between glances caught along the forests edge. And all a hush the lil moments in time in which we smile. Moments of wonder ..remembrance.. or even as simply a wish...be it so, our life* our existence*There was a time under willows weeping that a hush of shadows stilled to listen where in hues of deepened twilight`s breath soft upon the low lining hillsides brought the somber still waters ~~~

Armour of Love

I read this blog recently that read “Love isn’t supposed to be that hard”. So as I thought on it a bit. I summed it up like this. Anything worth having whether its money, love or anything that has a reward for pursuing and finding it is going to be hard. If you think it’s so easy to be a millionaire, then why aren’t we all. And the people that pursue money even when they are knocked down never give up because the reward… if successful is great. Love is at the top of the list when it comes to rewards. What is the cost of joy, happiness, contentment? The ability to share your life with someone you can trust your life with.( The answer is priceless.) So in your pursuit of true love, when the road seems to be unbearable and you say I tried love before and it’s not for me. Did you really try? Was it really love? Only you can answer that. The reward of true love at the end will change your life forever and you will see the glory that life was supposed to be. And when your friends that told you give up are gone and you find the money is nothing more than a material possession and you didn’t give up on love, you look back at all the wonderful times that love brought in your life. You will know that love was and is the greatest gift that made all other challenges in life seem so petty. Because you were wearing the armor of love that you fought so hard to get and the rewards were so great you couldn’t receive them all. Like the old song says “WHEN NOTHING ELSE WOULD HELP, LOVE LIFTED ME”