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Stringfinger on the loose!!!

If you plan on coming to a Stringfinger show don't expect to hear jazz (even though the players are some of the best in SF) and plan on being heckled. By the band. See we do things a little backasswards so to speak and if you think you might be taking yourself just a little too seriously we just might come up from behind and give you a thought wedgie. It's not always comfortable but it will at least have you reconsider your current position. Yeah, we're all about tongue-in-cheek but rest assured, you, the audience, are in on the joke. And we're not just regurgitating the same old rock standards. No, we're actually mangling and twisting them (sometimes beyond recognition), yet somehow breathing new life into a rock and roll legacy left to us by some of the great bands of all time. Why? Because the band realized that jazz is just more fun to play than it is to go out and see. We think that it's just as much fun to be an audience member at a Stringfinger show as it is to be a band member. Well, let's just say it's very, very close.  Over all,  we'd just prefer playing for a crowd of warm bodies over an empty jazz venue.