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The Best Intentions up up and Away.

I recently saw this group perform as part of the entertainment at the Bing Crosby Restaurant in Walnut Creek, California. The event was a fund raiser put on by Coseco's for Children's Hospital. All of the entertainment was fantastic and the Best Intentions remained true to form with a short tribute to " The Temptations and one of their original songs from their, " Never To Late " C.D.The split their performance to track music by opening the show in blue and white outfits, and ending the show in all white. Their harmony as always was an example of how singing should be these days especially from groups that pay tribute to old school acts. Well, for those that didn't come, you missed it. That is why I am going to be present at their show in Concord, CA at Todos Santos park, Sunday afternoon 6/20 from 2pm-4pm. If you want to enjoy the original motown classics Todos Santos park will be the place to be 6/20/2010.