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News... or lack thereof

Our Satori is all about going with the flow of life. Sometimes the faucet of opportunity is running so strong that it seems overwhelming. Right now... the faucet is trickling. That's neither a good nor bad thing. It just is. We are juggling our own personal lives separate of one another while maintaining a relationship to each other musically. We have been refining our songs and our performance over the last two and a half years and have come to a place where we know we need new material and energy. However, we have so many unrecorded songs that need to be recorded that it's hard to be able to let new material through us. The plan: record. We won't be gigging as much as we would like to be because we are interested in making a full length album. So, to all of our fans we ask for your patience with us in releasing this album. It might be quick and easy... it might not. It really depends on money and time. We WILL make it happen though, so keep your eyes and ears open for what is yet to come. Our Satori will be tickling your ears with positive music for a long time to come, but right now we are going to take it a little time to hermitize in the studio and come back with a bang. Thank you for your continued support and love through our journey. We are grateful!