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You can now here Dilynda's Album "Free To Fly" on Pandora Radio. Just type in the name "Dilynda" and listen. Every time one of her songs is played, please give a thumbs up for the ones that you like. Thank you so much for your support!!!!!

Ben_T_Nickel  (almost 2 years ago)

Thanks Dilynda & her crew for letting us know about her Pandora debut! I love your music and will visit Pandora when it is available in my country. Peace, Love & Best for every success!

Dilynda's music on WUIM 92.1 Internet Radio (Special Thanks to Doug E Fresh)

We want to give a special thanks to Doug E Fresh, who promotes Poze Productions/Poze Records Inc. Their Internet radio station WUIM 92.1 will be featuring Dilynda's music for the next 2 days.

Dilynda's music on 90.1 WGMC FM Radio (Rochester NY)

If you are in Rochester New York, you can now listen to Dilynda's music by tuning into "The Downbeat" radio show, hosted by Chris Kalen, Wednesday nights from 11:00pm-1;00am, on 90.1 WGMC FM Radio.

Big thanks to Chris Kalen!

Pandora Radio

We are honored and proud to announce that Dilynda's music has been accepted on Pandora Radio! We are now in the process of waiting for it to go live and will let you know when it is officially in the mix!