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CityBeat's "Best of 2009" Mentions

"TOP TEN LOCAL BAND RELATED AWKWARD MOMENTS 2009: 2.) Nick Mitchell of Chick Pimp, Coke Dealer at a Bar. I made fun of him for always calling me "Christina." Now, every time he sees me, he exclaims, "Christine!" with emphasis, so that I will know that he cares and feels really superguilty. It's OK, man, it's OK. I still like you a lot. CAll me Sarah if you want. The Scion guy at Midpoint did." - C.A. MacConnell

"The Best of Events of 2009: Well, one word springs immediattely to mind, and that's MidPoint. Highlights? Almost too many to count, but Heartless Bastards' tent-bursting set surely placed at the top of a very long list, following in rapid succesion by all the (un)usual susptects - Wussy, The Seedy Seeds, Chick Pimp, Coke Dealer at a Bar, The Pinstripes, The Sundresses, and so many more." - Brian Baker