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May 17th gig at What The Dickens,Ebisu,Tokyo

A few sets at a British pub that has live music,poetry events and other activities in Ebisu, Tokyo..Us and the owners and staff go way back..Entrance fee, tasty selection of food and imported drinks. This time we have a guest sax and flute player from New Zealand: Tim Bower ,musician and composer and with a sensitive ear that fits perfectly to our sound...At least it did during the rehearsals! We are on stage from 8.30pm...Being a Sunday it will be open all day so pop along if you are in the area...AWW RIGHT!!!

2015 Coming gigs/Remixes/Orangey releases

Next event and concert: Feb 20th RUBY ROOM, Tokyo,Japan To be released in 2015: MONSIEUR SYDNEY WASHINGTON France/Australia/USA artists with 1 song collaboration /3 remixes of artists to be released. 3) "" ORANGEY_too"" Some recent and past releases : ORANGEY (i-tunes.cdbaby etc. and from www.earthacademy.org (UK Label) SONG SAMPLE: '' Soul Brother '' on main page FIZZING download album and separate tracks here at www.reverbnation/orangey SONG SAMPLE: ""MY ORANGE NIECE ""on main page FIZZING/ECLECTRO ANIMA (Double album) (Orangey + Orangey Mix (song collaborations and remixes of international artists ) via UK label : EARTH ACADEMY www.earthacademy.org Write to my INBOX for me details, linking up as friends and friend musicians too and please introduce yourself , tell me about yourself..Thank you :) Stephen of Orangey, livng here in Tokyo and going back sometimes to my home country in the UK...Cheers!

Remixes and coming event collobarators: Sept/Oct 2014

SEPTEMBER onwards: Working on and open to requests to showcase remixes of artists orginal works and also your remixes via DJs and club events here in Tokyo OCTOBER: Coming Orangey event at What The Dickens in Ebisu,Tokyo...Possibly with familiar guest rapper/keyboard player or dancer (paid work) Again open to have on the day someone into our music and feels they can participate and importantly residing in Tokyo or nearby or on a visit to Japan...Peace! Stephen of Orangey

For you if you like :) Stephen Deg (Orangey)

Mixing teaser track: Willing To Be Sexual by World Wide Collectiv (Orangey + guest vocal group: Ch@os, Yesful (violins))Sate Sate (guitar) : here and on Soundcloud ..cheers!

Coming concert CRAWFISH,Tokyo on June 14th

Nice venue closing and re-locating. Invited by Andrew Tyrone Rogers whose band is playing to guest for the event. Free entry.Please buy drinks!!

July/August/September ACTIVE and COMING music and film

Fizzzing 7 into 1 songmix mp3 album available at THE ORANGEY STORE Fizzzing/Eclectro Anima -Combined Love Force 1 ORANGEY MIX-remixes for artists DOUBLE ALBUM available at our events and on request; CD wav quality. 2 Short Films and Soundttracks RESTLESS/HONEY ON on www.venusaturday.net as a promo and credit mix and also with another edit and other music on ORANGEY MUSIC ,Youtube channel. SEPTEMBER- The Mondo File- a film with impovised natural dialogue..SOUNDTRACK compiled and considering REVERB NATION and others works for that. New SONG MIX for DECAYES (remix and vocal featured on ECLECTRO ANIMA (above ) Cheers! Steve



New upload of MEPHNO music MIDDLE EAST PEACE HARMONY NO OFFENCE (or any other acronym :)

HONEY ON- Maxisingle featuring Hyperbubble mix (video here!) and Arthur Loves Plastic dance mix out in July!

THE MONDO FILE- Casting for actors or non actors for film Some of the Soundtrack up on Let me know if you are in Tokyo or close by and would like to take part..Would be nice to meet fellow Reverb Nationals! www.stevedeg.podomatic.com

Cheers Steve x


Came to me in the bath as a cheesy las vegas ballad idea then replaced "make" with "fake" in the title and took on a more introspective realistic and hopeful tone to the lyrics...Hope you like it Appreciations Stephen