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New York Chronicles: New York City, Here I Come!

I did it! I have booked myself in New York City as a headliner. I will be performing my musical tribute to Nina Simone on Tuesday, July 2nd at City Winery NYC. I am fairly confidant about my show and I know I will make a good impression on the New York audiences. But y'all know me - I have to fret about something. It's terrifying. The terrifying part is filling the room. I have told everyone I know about this show - at least twice. I am asking everyone to tell their friends and family in or near NYC to come and support me. It's a huge step for me. Huge! It's a miracle really. After all of this time, finally at age 51, I am going to take on the Big Apple. I am ready. I'm at the top of my game performance and voice-wise. But there are some major steps I want to take: I need press, I want a review of the show and I want it to sell-out. The good news is that I have some contacts. They are so willing to help me. I just asked for help.

There is a lesson in all of this: Just ask. Maybe I'm being too ambitious. Maybe I will fall flat on my face. Maybe only fifty folks will turn out. But NO. I want 300 people there. That's the room's capacity - 300. It's my time. New York is my place. I have always believed it. I have always known it in my soul.

This is the boost I need. There have been some complications. I have to pay for the band to get there. Some of my guys bailed on me. But then I called someone and asked for help. And they are coming through like champs. My two most loyal guys are coming with me which is good because Lord knows I can't afford to fly in five guys. I have taken steps to insure the best ensemble possible. Of course I will be on point. If all goes well, if I get the press I need, and the people show up en masse - then this could be the start of something wonderful.

This gig is so important I can barely think about it!

And I will prevail through all of the muck and stress and insecurity because I am singing the music of Nina Simone. Her legacy inspires me and my interpretation of her repertoire is true and strong.

I gotta go do some more social networking to get the NYC Press to take a little notice. Hype, push, excite!

Here we go!

My big hope: Liza Minnelli shows up. Why not dream big? Stay tuned.