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So, why the hell am I up at 1am doing this, anyway?

why, because my boss would have my hide if I did it at 10 am , Oh wait, I am the boss at 10am. So, like I said... or maybe because the alternative is sleep, and that's for the weak, not to mention really fucking boring or no, maybe its just because I can or maybe (okay, okay, now I'll get to the point instead of writing useless filler and drivel) it's because I kinda like these songs, and in spite of the somewhat crude production, I want to share. And this is when I can. So there. If even only one or two listeners likes only one or two of the tunes, then its all worthwhile. In fact, just knowing I've made the effort to put them here after years of hollow threats makes it worthwhile. The rest is gravy. And did I already say sleep is for the weak???? So have a listen, and feel free to leave me some feedback...