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ALLus KILLus / Blog

Dark Woods

We are not afraid to venture into dark woods. In fact we relish the idea for we know there are secrets waiting to be discovered. We wish to show others that you can face fear, make yourself vulnerable, and learn more than you ever thought possible. Art of any form is found this way. Each of the individual expeditions we take and share with the world enhances the excitement for others to make their own path. Some paths may be offshoots of the main trunk and more easily understood, or they may be a branch of a branch and scatter into beautiful complexity; but no path is wrong. We are the same tree individually seeking to be expressed as a unique fruit of life. True, going into these dark woods will mark us out against others. For their fear translates into their fear for our safety. Not too soon after it follows that our courage will make plain their fear. They will resent this fact, you, and themselves. Still, follow your own voice and the one inside of you and forgive them for this. If you never give up, you never lose. So go on. If not for you, then for them, so they may see that they too can follow their own voices and share them with the world. Yes, the world will tear at our clothes and at our flesh. It will break our bones, spill our blood, tangle our hair, drown us, bury us, and literally eat us. For some of us, this all seems too much to bear – believing the illusion that the horrors outweigh the beauty. Their hearts slowly become so encased in bark and stone that they stop sharing. But have trust in the results of the final push. If you never give up, you never lose. Instead, take this hardening of the heart as a caterpillar takes itself up into a cocoon. Remember when you are hurt, it is alright to take a rest. Sleep the sleep of the infant; comforted in the embrace of your mother. Know that every morning brings a new life. Know that your heart is only changing, not hardening out of spite. Times will become dark and you will become lost in these dark woods as if floating across a clouded midnight sea where directions mean nothing. There is no sound yet your questions seem to echo all around you. But if you stay the course light will begin to break through your cocoon and what once looked like an impenetrable castle will crumble into dust. The symphony of the Sun will awaken you to the brightest day you have ever witnessed and welcome you to the rest of your life. Where you had once been cursed to crawl on your belly, you will now have become the butterfly. At that moment sharing will be easier than ever before. It will be the sun that lights up the unique colors on your wings and that simply being illumined creates joy for others. Courage is only Trust in times where the illusion of Fear seems overwhelming. It is only your voice and the one inside that, working together, know the way. So stop and listen to the leaves rustling in the wind, listen for the water rushing against rocks – these can guide you. Learn to embrace the changes of the seasons rather than fearing them. The sun and the moon and the stars are of you. Let them complete their task in lighting up the secrets for you. Go into the dark woods. Become the butterfly.

The Ides of March!

Hey check out the new video for "The Ides of March." It is the first Single off our forth coming 2012 EP. We are set to record a few more new songs too! Also Ransom Jack has invited us to play the Texas Music Theater in San Marcos, Texas this June 13th! Good shows are starting off the summer right so mark your fucking calendars! Then enjoy our music video.