2nd Agenda / Blog

1 song at a time

Wow, this making music for a living is hard when everyone wants to do it! It sometimes feels like a race or a competition. I have to remind myself why I do it. I play music because it's fun. I never really cared about what other people think but now I feel I found my voice and intend to use it. I only want it to be heard. I'm getting over the feeling of wanting to be a being a rock star. It's all about making good art with a message what else is there. Bad art with no message?? My plan is to document the music the best I can. The band 2nd agenda is a culmination of love,determination, hard work and perseverance. As long as I'm able to make music 2nd agenda will keep documenting songs 1 at a time. Oh and to all the members of 2A I thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in the music, I may never win a Grammy or help you buy a mansion but I hope playing the music makes your journey this time around meaningful! This was all meant to be.

ONE" 3 Lugo