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Blues 66 denied extra cheese again!

That self-obsessed motherfucker Papa John screwed us again... no extra cheese even when you pay extra. We have a few idea what "John" can do with his little hot pepper. Support your LOCAL pizza joint!

Sweet Betty Video Contest

If you can decipher all the hidden subliminal messages in the new Blues 66 video "Sweet Betty", you will win a $50 tab at Willie's Lounge courtesy of Ross Colligan.

Hot Live American Jive

Check out the new Blues 66 live album on www.blues66band.com

"A Different Brand of Blues" album review by R. Zaharia

"If you’re looking for the familiar comfort of I-IV-V blues, A Different Brand of Blues is not for you. On its debut album, Blues 66 reminds us that the blues is more than dogmatic adherence to a chord progression, instead mining the primordial landscape of emotion traveled by the men who put the blues on the map. Those first blues men wailed about the frustrations by the men who held them down and the women who held out on them. Leroy Lee and Billy G testify that far as we may have come, we’ll never escape those tortures…but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a good wild ride. This brand of blues isn’t a woe-is-me lament. Leroy’s voice at times stands in for a horn section, but it is at its best belting out tales of desire and defeat. Even as Leroy sings of obsession, emotional domination and alienation, he does it not with resignation but defiance, a warrior charging with sword raised into a battle he knows he’s already lost. Having faced and accepted his demons, though, he’s able to celebrate the finer things he’ll meet before his fate—like superficial women with big asses. Blues 66 is a blues band in the same way Black Sabbath was a blues band. The songs are heavy but melodic, with grungy guitar riffs sauntering over Billy G’s heavy beats, and sometimes that’s all they need. Guitar and drums are all it takes to put a dying relationship out of its misery on “How Long Now?’ and tell a tale of hopeless despair on “One Way Ticket”. That same duet of instruments also shows its down-and-dirty side, driving tunes like “I Like It” right through the wall. Add the thundering bottom laid down by Leroy to tunes like “Mama Beat Me Down”—which offers a fix of standard I-IV-V—and you’ve got a record that will keep you moving from the first chord to the last. Even after those final notes fade, though, this album will keep your feet marching along and your heart pounding as steady as the matter-of-fact cadence of “The Tower”. Blues 66 offers a celebration of commiseration, a consolation that the blues get hold of all of us, and the best of us live to tell it. This isn’t a different brand of blues. This IS the blues." - Renzo Zaharia

Tuesday nights

Great show at Pat's last night... what a great Saturday night. Thanks to all for coming.... nice to see some old friends too. Unfortunately, due to some scheduling problems, Blues 66 is going to be taking a hiatus from our regular Tuesday nights at Pat's. Keep an eye open for all our upcoming gigs here at ReverbNation or at www.blues66band.com

Blues 66: New Year's Eve Show just added!

Plan now on spending the evening of 12/31/10 at Club 48 with Blues 66. It's going to be OFF THE HOOK!

Thanks to all the peeps...

We're #1 in SLC and have broken the top 200 nationally in the blues genre category... thanks to you guys! Keep comin to the shows and we'll keep puttin out.

New Music Exclusively on ReverbNation!

Check out the new album only here at ReverbNation!

It's available for digital download at the Blues 66 Reverb Store. Physical CD's will be availiable soon.

Blues 66 is back at Pat's!

After a 6 month break, Blues 66 is back at Pat's Bbq on weeknights. Every Wednesday at 6pm. The new album is almost here! Stay Tuned.

Huge benefit show on November 5th at Willie's Lounge

There is a huge benfit show coming November 5th at Willie's Lounge in SLC... proceeds from show and $1 from every Jim Beam shot and 75 cents for every draft beer goes to help Abii O's Cancer Support Fund. There's a raffle... giving away snowboarding and skateboarding equipment and Blues 66 memorabilia. You gotta be there!