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I hope folks will give the track "Mythic" a listen. It is the title track to a new CD with same name to be released in the Spring of 2015. Thanks to all my fans and to new fans as well. Cheers!

Grateful For DJ Glen DJHouseman

When I first heard that Glen DJHouseman was going to include my track "The Magic In Us" in his play compilation on October 13, 2013 I was very excited! The feedback has been incredible from folks all over the globe, especially from Europe. I consider myself lucky indeed to have been a part of Glen's amazing set on October 13. 2013, on virgolounge.com media. Very cool!

My Inspiration

As an artist I have always felt my strong suit was poetry. Even in my dance creations, I have always felt a certain poetic flow of movement and verse that often chatacterized my dancing as both biographical and dramatic. I follow this same process in my music. Often I form a narrative in verse on paper and proceed in the studio to translate words and thoughts into actual sound and later a musical idea. Once I add voice and or words to the composition, I find the layering of the vocal adds both a depth and sometimes a mysteriousness to a track enabling the listener to hear a story from several points of view in music, sound, and poetic voice.

As a past anthropology major in graduate school I have an interest in the evolution of man. Although I am hopeful man will learn to use his intelligence and technology to buttress his survival chances as a realitvely new earth life form, I am realistic enough to fully understand that it could all "go south" in the direction of extinction for mankind. As a futurist I often write prose and pieces that reveal many different scenarios, if not time lines in thought as to what could happen with mankind in the future. I believe there are more than enough songs that talk about love and I would rather folks give equal time talking, singing, and writing about the love in songs and tracks that have to do wth humanity making viable decisions that would ensure our collective survival. And of course these concepts and decisions are and will be difficult, especially those points concerning population over growth as well as food, water, and resources of energy. And truly this is what prompts and inspires me as an artist to articulate this urgency and point of view in my art as well as my life work. I thank my fans for indulging me on this journey! Very cool!