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new album "Fauves & Pastels" produced by Hank Linderman with JV Eps , Jerry Goodman , Robert Lamm , Brian Auger , Mark Andes , Drew Hester , Jason Scheff , Nick Lane, Brandon Fields, Lee Thornburn, Jeff Foskett ...

For Sync - Chardeau: Soundtrack For An Imaginary Film

L. Records announces the release of "For Sync", Chardeau's New Album, as part of an approach to "Music For Image"...An invitation to travel which excites the imagination.

The singular character, singular approach, the Unclassifiable Artist, Chardeau, has been ongoing for two decades with his creative and jubilant delusions at odds, marketing discography and trendy hype buzzes. His cosmicopolite, eccentric and colorful music, feeds this from all sources, provided they are good; so, it could only lend to this project. This Album is not intended to highlight the artist, but the composer, his film writing full of references, his musicality and his lavish orchestrations.

"For Sync. " consists of 24 instrumental tracks, mixing original, alternative; new versions - remastered or remixed... The tracklist has been designed and arranged so one may listen as a real soundtrack, down a range of atmospheres and sound emotions: dreamy, wild, whimsical and fantastic, alternately melancholy and colorful, flamboyant and melodic, eclectic, poetic ... In short, it's a surrealistic musical odyssey; the soundtrack of a movie you have never seen. Close your eyes, imagine the images, scenery, situations which could illustrate this music or which could be illustrated by this music... On the black screen of your sleepless nights, Chardeau draws and spreads.

The album reflects mainly the potential of Chardeau’s compositions from music to image. For movies or short films, generics, musical interludes, jingles, commercial spots, video games, musical score, sound design... Hence the title "For Sync" (For Synchronizations) which also is aimed to interest professionals - from advertising and sound design agencies, audiovisual media, production companies, music supervisors, brands - to the music of Chardeau and its possible uses.

“For Sync.” is available for download or streaming on the digital platforms as Amazon, Deezer, Fnac.com, iTunes, Orange/SFR, Nokia OVI, Simfy, Spotify, Vodafone

The release of "For Sync." closes the announced discographic trilogy of Chardeau, after the release in May of "Resilience 2012 / 2.0" (refocused version with 10 tracks of the album originaly published in 2010, with Robert Lamm, Jerry Goodman and Brian Auger), and of the album "Ze best Off" (16 major songs of its production for two decades), released in June. These three albums, available on all major digital platforms,will be released in vinyl 30 cm in September and will be reunited (with various bonuses) on an original memory stick. Chardeau has not finished surprising us...


"For Sync" Cover Art and Reverbnation Player courtesy of Kristof Laroche.


At the crossroads, between Jazz, fidgeting Rock and Song, "Resilience" is an upsetting and atypical album. Chardeau dipped into the very bottom of his creativity to offer the audience his universe. It brings you far from traditional shores and industry standards. Surrounded by his musicians' friends (J.Goodman, B. Auger, C. Pinnick, R.Lamm, B. Leroux, L. Castro, D. Malherbe...), Chardeau didn't give them boundaries or restrictions, for the delight of listeners. Powerful hits as "Questions (Not Now)" and as "Asphalte Jungle", and even instrumental songs, take this CD so far as dreams' and freedom tops. "Resilience" is the fourth Chardeau's album. FOR LINKS TO PURCHASE VISIT http://www.myspace.com/chardeau

Chardeau - New CD - Resilience!

Un tout nouvel album studio de Chardeau , artiste français de rock fusion, est désormais téléchargeable sur ITunes . En plus de son style musical unique l'album a bénéficié de la collaboration d'artistes renommés tels Robert Lamm de Chicago , Jery Goodman, Brian Auger, Chris Pinnick, Didier Malherbe(Gong) and Basile Leroux Pour de plus amples informations et écouter les chansons : http://www.chardeau.com/resilience.html et http://www.myspace.com/chardeau A brand new studio cd is now available by digital download on iTunes from Chardeau the rock fusion recording artist. In addition to his unique musical style and vocals the album also features the musical contributions of such respected players as Robert Lamm of Chicago, Jerry Goodman, Brian Auger, Chris Pinnick, Didier Malherbe(Gong) and Basile Leroux For additional information and to listen to song clips visit http://www.chardeau.com/resilience.html and http://www.myspace.com/chardeau