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There are only a few voices out there that deliver the depth and poignancy of a song...the pain, the emotion and the guts of the words in time with the rhythm and melody.

Meet Clayton Bryant, vocalist extraordinaire. He has sung with some of the Best in the business. Currently he is lead backing vocalist for Ashford and Simpson, while working on a solo project. I am also proud to call him friend.

I sat down with Clayton to discuss how he does it, what made him want to pursue music and how YOU out there can do it too.

Be inspired!

An Interview with The Unstoppable Clayton Bryant:

JWritesiT: Thank you Clayton for agreeing to this interview.

Clayton: No Problem!

JWritesiT: Tell us what you do for a living.

Clayton: I Sing back-up for a number of well known artists, I also sing professionally as a solo artist.

JWritesiT: What is the Best and Worst aspects of your job?

Clayton: Best- Travel, meeting new people and performing all over the world. Worst - It's not a regular 9-5, so work is spread out sometimes...

JWritesiT: Who have you performed with?

Clayton: Ummm, Elton John, Darlene Love (recent Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inductee) Ashford and Simpson, Freddie Jackson and Bruce Springsteen.

JWritesiT: Wow! What was your best gig and why?

Clayton: The best was when I did the British Rock Symphony Tour, Because it was my first tour, that I sang with a rock band.

JWritesiT: Who was the Band?

Clayton: I sang with Roger Daltrey of The Who.

JWritesiT: What does it take to make it as a Professional Singer?

Clayton: I don't know....(laughing) Defiantly I'd say, Determination, Passion and Talent.

JWritesiT: What advice can you give to someone out there trying to do the same?

Clayton: Don't take NO for an answer. Don't let other peoples opinions make you stop. If you know you have what it takes GO WITH IT.

JWritesiT: What keeps you grounded?

Clayton: God.

JWritesiT: On average what can a professional singer earn?

Clayton: It depends on what your doing. You can make anywhere from 100 to 1 million bucks...it depends.

JWritesiT: Whats next on the horizon for Clayton Bryant?

Clayton: Finishing my solo project and going on tour. My record should be done in May.

You can do it, pursue it. Clayton is an example of a man focused and determined to let the World hear his voice.

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