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TheBarNutz.com !!!

With the Bar Nutz back at it, fresh from their annual Summer Vacation Retreat, there are a few new things to tell you about. First off, D. really isn't getting married! Geez these rumors start up so fast. Yes, he got some girl pregnant. Yes, she was under age. Yes her daddy threatened him with a shot gun... on more than one occasion. But come one, Rock Stars can't be tied down to one woman, right? That, and a moderate sum of cash was paid to the daddy to keep quiet. Next up on the list, Hey look everybody!!!! The Bar Nutz have a TheBarNutz.com address now! Check it out. The online store and the Fan Comment section are not up yet, but they will be soon. And finally.... This Blog! Hey the Bar Nutz have a new blog!

Seeya at the show!