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Dead to Me

Dead to Me is now up streaming on reverbnation. The new single will be available for download on iTunes, Google and Amazon worldwide as soon as a couple legal issues regarding the release are completed. I recorded, produced and engineered this track as well as wrote, played ALL the instruments on as well as performed all Lead vocals. A true solo effort in which I am very proud of. I hope you enjoy it and will take time to spread the word if you like it!

Judas Priest Tribute.

Lots going on in the studio. Just received verification that ill be recording, playing on and producing "Hell Bent for Leather" for the Judas Tribute coming out next year on Versailles records along side an exciting All Star cast! Also have an Instrumental track being completed for Versailles "Guitar Wizards" compilation. A few new original tracks are also in production with a couple guest vocalists that im very excited about. Lots to do! Thanks for your support.. Stay tuned. ..