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Struggles of songwriting on a Saturday morning.

As of today, I have two songs I'm working on, and as anyone knows, lyrics aren't my strong suite. One tune I'm trying to think globally, and relate to others walks of life and still somehow metaphorically tie it all into the concept of a world celebration of life. Lyrical thoughts on this one went everywhere from focusing on individuals as they go through their rigorous days and ending in a party to focusing one the possibility of a stewardess who fortunately missed her flight on 911 and had the dichotomy of that same chorus being reflective of a flights final takeoff before it's plunge into one of the towers and sounding like a happy chorus at the same time. Ultimately the chorus was a little too unintentionally celebratory, in contrast to such a tragic (and much outdated) topic, 911 deserves better than that, and plus I think I could find more current topic matter if I wanted to go that route. The other tune is more of a piano/dance track which needs more of that Zed type of writing where I still need to find that blend of that style and my limited two note range singing voice. Seriously wondering if I'm overthinking this, and just need to write from the heart. There's a part of me that wants to go write about deeper things, use somewhat bigger words with more melodic singing, but truth be told, My life experience pool is shallow when it comes to this stuff, there are people who write lyrics far better than me, and it would mean I actually have to learn how to sing. Anyways I really need to focus on finishing a few songs before I embark on yet another song to be unfinished lol. Goals for today: 1. Live more life. 2. Drink more energy drinks to open up the think tank again 3. Work towards finishing one of these two songs.