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Annoyatron 2

...so My boss leaves his cube to look for a new monitor or get a cat scan or a phic evaluation or something. After he leaves the guy from the other cube he asked earlier about the beep (he knows nothing about the annoy-a-tron) comes into my cube and says, “I am totally going to mess with him.” How I ask, and he says “I took the old battery backup that was beeping and put it in the drawer of his cube so it will continue to beep and drive him crazy as the power runs out.” Now at this point I thought I was going to have a batch of kittens from laughing so hard. He looked at me as though I was a little crazy for laughing so hard at “his prank”, if only he knew. At this point there are two beeps in this guys cube. I mean the epic proportion of this prank was beginning to surpass any that had been pulled in this office. Days go by with two beeps in the cube and the sanity level continuing to decline, every beep pushing him closer and closer to a mental breakdown. Finally the other guy cracks and tells him about the bad battery backup in his cube. Everyone comes out for a good laugh (even me). HAHAHAHAHA!! “that was a good one” and “you got me” was repeated a few time. HAHAHA!! More laughter. Things settle down and the office gets quiet again as people return to work……………and then……………………….BEEP! “THAT DAMN BEEP!!” O the insanity goes on until the next day when the Battery backup guy does and Internet search on “things that beep”, he finds the annoy-a-tron and shows it to the beeping cube guy. The gig was up I thought, it is over, they will find it now and my fun will be over. O well I thought, I had a good run. The next day I come into work. On my way to my cube my supervisor stopped me, "he figured it out” I thought, he knows it was me. But to my surprise he did not know who had put it in his cube. He had found the annoy-a-tron and left it in its place. However he now had installed a motion sensitive camera pointing at the annoy-a-tron to catch the criminal returning to the scene of the crime. At this point it was obvious he didn’t think it was me who had placed it there. He didn’t even think I was involved. Again I almost bit my tongue off from holding the barrel of laughter that was trying to burst out. He had a problem though; he had made the motion sensor to sensitive on the camera and it turning on every time the lights flickered. This gives him hundreds of pictures to comb through every day. He keeps playing with the camera to get the sensitivity right to be able to catch the culprit. But it hasn’t panned out for him yet. Muhuhahahaha. Epic… that is the only explanation for this situation. I had successfully driven a calm and otherwise pleasant human being into a paranoid delusional crazy person. My life work was complete. The annoy-a-tron’s battery died a while ago but the camera is still in place. I will just wait until the time is right to retrieve the small device, and then on to victim number 2. Victory will be mine!!


So this blog may be a little long so if you don’t have the stomach for a long blog then you may want to hit the back button… Anyhow, so I work in an office environment as you may have already guessed (or not). I have a normal size cube, as does everyone around me. Well I wanted to add some color to the gray and bleak office environment I work in. So I perused the Internet to find something that would help me get a little extra out of the office workday. After much hunting and consideration I cam across this little gem: http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/electronic/8c52/ This little guy seemed to be the perfect toy to make the office time a little more enjoyable. So I (and a friend in the office) got 3 of them. For some reason we where not convinced that one would do the trick. Well time went by and we finally got them in the mail. I decided that my supervisor would be a good first victim and hid the annoy-a-tron in his cube. He was only a few cubes over so I could keep a close eye on my evil plan as events developed. A few weeks went by and I didn’t hear anything but beeps from his cube. No complaining no mentions of some crazy beep or anything. I was beginning to think that this little device didn’t work until I heard him run out of his cube and grab the buy next to him and ask, “Did you hear that?” The guy he asked turned to him and looked at him with a blank stare and replied, “hear what?” .Yes… the device was working perfectly. The next day I come into work to see him under his desk. Hoping this has something to do with an un-named electronic device I asked him what he was doing. “This stupid backup battery must be dieing, that must be what is beeping in my cube.” Mustering up all my strength to not crap my pants laughing I whole-heartedly agreed with him that this must be the culprit of this “illusive beep”. Later that day after he plugged his new power supply in the “beep” returned. MUHUHAHAHAHAHA!! “STUPID BEEP!! IT MUST BE THE MONITOR!!” That is all I heard before I almost bit by finger off from trying not to laugh to loud… more to come.