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Riot In The Hospital - Whats It Mean?

Hi ya'll. This is the first in a series of posts that's designed to give you some insight into what we were thinking when we wrote a particular song. This edition, it's 'Riot In The Hospital'. We'll let Mike take over from here. "I wrote 'Riot' based on an incident that happened to me a few years back when I was touring with a band out of Nashville, Tn. We were in Birmingham AL playing at a club whose name I can't remember and no doubt it no longer exists. I was out and about with the lead singer of the band, and we happened upon a street demonstration in support of the Ku Klux Klan. Even though I was raised in the south (Georgia and Tennessee) I had never seen a klansman, let alone one of their gatherings. They were marching down the street looking stupid as fuck. So me and my buddy joined in with the people lining the street doin' the 'counter protest' thing ... which was nothing more than yelling at the klan guys 'YOU LOOK STUPID AS FUCK'. Things got outta control pretty quick and turned ugly and eventually into a big fight, the cops were there and waited for the klan to get their licks in until they moved in to break things up. I got banged up in the melee and was one of several dozen people taken to the hospital for treatment. By the time I got there, I was wheeled into round 2 of the fight. The most unbelievable part was the hospital staffs refusal to treat anyone brought in from the demonstration. And that's where the idea for Riot In The Hospital came about.

We say the album/cd is dead

The Album is dead. Long Live The Digital Music Diary. That’s the approach we’ve decided to take in releasing our music. We came to this conclusion by a variety of means, not the least of which was availability of funds. We also realized that; hey, we’re not Radiohead or even Cage the Elephant. In other words; no one is anxiously awaiting anything from us. So, why wait? Let’s just take the songs we’re writing that represent this particular time in our development; record them as we can, and then put them up on our website until we have 7 to 10 of them completed. Then we can package them as a physical product. It may be unorthodox, but the times call for a little bit of that. ‘Meet Me In Perdition’ represents the band slowly making a lot of transitions. Changing from four individuals into a cohesive unit. It’s also seen us expand to make the shift from a local to a regional act. It’s us trying to widen a sense of self and purpose; who we are and how we want to be seen. The writing reflects an escalation of the use of guitar harmonies and interplays that wasn’t present in a lot of the earlier songs. It also shows more attention being paid to vocal harmonies as well. While the songs may seem simpler at first listen, it’s the second or third time through that you start to notice how the guitars and bass and even the vocals are weaving in and out of each other. When will it be finished? We’ll be halfway done with this collection by the end of 2011. That’s all we can say at the moment. Stay tuned comes to mind….

A Resurgence In Local ORIGINAL Music?

It seems so. We see it happening, and we're very encouraged by what appears to be a slowly growing trend in our hometown of Springfield, Illinois. Sure, the cover bands are still doin' well for the most part, but we're starting to see original acts playing in places that were here-to-fore ONLY available to cover bands and the karaoke and DJ crowds. And it's not (just) the ubiquitous and prevalent 'genre blurring' metal scene thats generating interest and gaining acceptance in and around the state capitol. We're seeing a wide variety of bands experimenting with, and blending, fusing styles if you will; to fit what vision and message they have, and want to convey. It's really a cool time to be in an original song producing band in Central Illinois! YOU should get out there and check out bands like DEAD ZEBBRA, DOG OF PANIC, HOT BAG O DONUTS (with their lead uke player!!) PRONE and even ICON FOR HIRE from Decatur. There's a TON of other bands in the area exploring all kinds of stuff, and I wish I had the time and space to list ALL of 'em here. Bottom line, there's something for every taste around here, it's amazing...all you gotta do is look. So when you say you support local music .... be open minded enough to go out and support TRUE, locally made music. Mike The LC's

Art for Art's Sake

Been thinking about this for a long time. I’ve seen you. Seen you posting videos and song tracks of your favorite recording artists and bands on Facebook, Myspace …etc. I’ve seen you promoting them via different websites and fan sites. Think on this … if your particular fav band or recording artist/performer had started out in your general location, and had a ‘fan base’ like you, your friends and neighbors … would you be able to like, listen and follow them? Think about that and keep it in mind when you hear people complain that there’s 'no good music being made ‘these days’. There is an abundance of great music being written, recorded and performed by talented and dedicated and goddamn hard working people of all ages, races and genders in YOUR hometowns RIGHT NOW , and more times than not, for no money or little hope or even expectation of seeing any. They're doin' it for the passion, for the need to create and share. But whether or not they continue to strive to continue to work hard to entertain, enlighten, motivate and move anyone, depends (more than you know, probably) on YOU. Without you, and me for that matter; there never would have been the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Smashing Pumpkins, Tupac or Jay Z. I'm a fan, all of us in The LC's are fans of someone. The next best feeling to playing music is discovering music. Being among those very first to find a band, guitarist or singer that's just got that 'something' that moves you. Turning your friends on to that 'special something' goes hand in hand with the discovery. Finding the next big thing before anyone else makes you feel so cool...nothin' like it. Mike

Now Thru Veteran's Day

Hi Ya'll....we just wanted to letcha know that if you go to CD Baby and download the song 'Just The Same' between NOW and Veteran's Day (Nov. 11th), we'll donate 50% of all sales generated to Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude is an organization that provides care and comfort items to our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coast guard personnel worldwide. If you'd like to help us help them, then go right now to www.cdbaby.com/cd/legendaryclampetts and download 'Just The Same' Thanks The LC's

Hat's off for Hipbone Sam

We played as part of Hipbone Sams' open mic night last night (8/12/2010). Lost of good reviews from patrons as well as the other musicians that were there. Hipbone and the venues staff and owners are complete professionals without seeming to be pros.....and that takes skill, experience and lots of energy. Hey, if you're a musician in and around Springfield, IL...then you owe to yourself to trot on out to Riverside Rock n Roll and get in on this stuff. The patrons are cool and really listen to the music, and they letcha know, loudly and often, that they appreciate what you're doin up there. The LC's will certainly be 'regulars' there in the future. We also hope to do some shows with Mr. Sam and his band in the not too distant future as well. Look for video of the night soon, only at www.thelegendaryclampetts.com and www.youtube.clampettsroot. Peace The LC's

Even Tho She Sucks....Hooray For Courtney Love

We are all about the underdog. The long shot, little guy, unknown comin' chargin' outta the blue and takin' the world by the balls and makin' sure it never forgets his/her name. Consequently, or perhaps in conjunction with; we love the 'second chancers', the comeback kids and never say die peeps that make life so interesting and shine another form of spotlight on the world of possibilities and dreams. That's why we say 'hooray for Courtney Love' when we heard she landed a label to release her next studio disc, the first in over a decade for her band Hole. Whether you like her music or image or just wish she would just go away; you can't help but admire her tenacity and spunk to wanna stay around in a business that reviles her not only for her artistic capabilities and contributions, but also her image and connection to one of the music worlds greatest tragic stories of all time. Like it or not, she has something to say and she's not gonna let the nay-sayers and name callers deter her from that. You can argue that she's 'just in it for the money' all you want...but that's like sayin' 'you just go to work for the money'. This is her job (like it or not), the profession that she's chosen and she's gonna make the best of it. We say, fuck the haters and make your mark ...... whoever you are. The Clampetts