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WeirdGear | review of GAME on losingtoday.com

those of you preferring your sounds somewhat coming across as though dimpled and speckled in the unmistakable flavour of a late 70’s / early 80’s post punk electro pop will do well to hook yourselves up to Weird Gear’s ’game’ which finds itself being made available for a limited time via the bands my space player. This Essex based analogue synth collective have to date so far posted one EP in the guise of ’coffee girl’ which we’ll endeavour to track down for future communiqués. ’game’ sees them shimmying up to Mike Spink of Ready Radio Demos fame whose productive craftsmanship has lent the group sound a ’livelier and rockier’ aspect, first and foremost the cut dutifully navigates an unmistakably distinct pop prowess much evidenced in the early outings of both a youthful Depeche Mode and Duran Duran albeit refracted through the viewfinder of a ‘travelogue’ era Human League and decorated in the kind of silky vibrancy and nocturnal shape cutting hollowness that had us here much of the thinking that there’s something of a shared mindset with the likes of the much admired Testcard (in terms of its glacial detachment) and White Rose Movement (due to its uber cooled sassy knowingness) to be found here.

WeirdGear | Spring 2009 Update

In the spirit of making some effort to update the world with current events Chez WeirdGear.... We are currently preparing for our next 2 gigs; Headlining at NOW the Bands fantastic night, A Music Club @ The Others, Stoke Newington, London with NOW, The Kumfort Women and Discordance DJs. Our other gig is a return visit to the super friendly COSMIC PUFFIN Festival...following our trip through snow and freezing stuff last year, we really enjoyed the welcome we got and look forward to playing again this year. Weekend entry is £25 (though day tickets can be bought on the door) We have been busying ourselves with new material and planning some recording some of our tracks with our producer and friend; Mike Spink, who will be manning the Mackie 32 desk on our behalf and making the magic happen. The plan is to release a couple of EPs this year and to play some of our new material out at shows, our intention is to mix some of these new tracks into our current set. Our label; MMR has also been busy in signing a top band from Wales called Evil I, who are destined for big things...be warned to watch this space! We are hoping to release some EPs with their debut album already in the bag.

WeirdGear | Autumn 2008 Update

We're not the best at updating things.....so here goes with the dilly-o We've spent the year playing some nice gigs; Synthetic, London / SWSF08 / Arctic Circle @ Big Chill House / NOW support slot @ A Music Club.....all of which we have enjoyed for different reasons. we've been writing new material all year too, which we hope to finally nail into a new live set and to continue to record material for release. we are planning to have a break from all things musical for a little while and will be returning in 2009 with a bang... and to keep you going, we've posted a couple of demos we've been playing around with....these versions are the 1st time they were ever played / conceived etc...so hope you enjoy them

WeirdGear | Spring 2008 Update

its gone a little quite here i know....so here's an update. we are currently spending time in the studio writing some songs, of which we now have a few...we have got some that are completely new and some that are revived from the extensive archives we've amassed over the last few years. we reckon that once these tracks are worked and worked, they will hopefully form the basis of an album. we currently have about 12 songs to choose from that we will be working on and hope to incorporate some into our live shows. Our live shows are likely to be infrequent over the coming months. so if we are playing any gigs, its worth trying to catch us as these opportunities will be limited through 2008. Being a truly "live" electronic band who struggle to find gigs is not a nice place to be sometimes!! We have recently found it quite difficult to find the time to hustle (a necessary evil!) for gigs recently and are talking to some management / PR companies to handle those affairs for us, leaving us to be artists. So any more companies of that ilk want to contact us, please do!! So do please contact us though with gig offers as we'd be up for bringing our latest tunes to your crowds!! We are really looking forward to playing at the monthly Synthetic event in Stockwell, London on 26th June and 3/4 of the band will be off to see My Bloody Valentine at the Roundhouse 48 hours before that gig, so we should be in fine sonic form!! We have posted up a video taken at a recent festival date we did (COSMIC PUFFIN - See in our Friends / Recommendations!!), it's 35+ minutes long and the sound aint grand, but it does the job.....it shows our truly "live" band experience and even some of our banter between songs. The vid has been done by the nice people at www.MyChoonz.co.uk and we thank them for doing so. think we've covered most of the bases....anything else you wanna know, just message us!!