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Almost There.....

After a 2 year break and some distractions, a new album is underway,a new line up and some great songs.music will be a unique blend of the JP recipe wich many believe will push john into the forefront of long island artists.

out of the room into the fire!

summer tour starts off with a bang 6/20/07 9pm Goodtimes music festival@twisted shamrocks babylon village

new cd

a series of 14 songs are being completed,for the next cd

Crash Mansion

11/3/08 just wanted to say that the Reverb party was fantastic,a job well done by all of the artists,industry folks,bartenders and support staff.-JP

One and only

10/25/06 seems there is some one using my name johnny polaris in some other band,so Now it seems i'm going to have to get a legal document asking the other party to stop using the name geez,what a life!


Well what a trip this last year! after a year off returned to the studio to record some much needed therapy,lol.Yours truly and good friend Poppa Satch started working on the"Upon a path Unknown" cd 1st song is going to be named "SUBSTANCE" 2nd song is going to be named "Empty Spaces" 3rd song is a previously unreleased song called "Angel On my shoulder" Well gotta go talk to you later!