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Playing out

"If you get out and you play for people it should be because you want to bring people joy. If your aim is to make money or to be a star, this is not the right business for you. Work with others, be humble and challenge yourself. And just make yourself happy. If more comes from that, that’s fucking awesome!" - Beth Hart

Something Different

Although we are a cover band, you'll notice that we don't play the same songs that a lot of other bands do. We take a song that most everyone has heard and add our own little flavor to it. One of the most frequent comments we receive is, "I really like that song and I've never heard anyone else play it before." We also cover a lot of different genres of music. Just like members of the audience we all have varying tastes in music and we strive to appeal to all listeners. We play a mix of Southern Rock, R&B, Reggae,Classic Rock and even some stuff that could be called "jazzy." We also cover a lot of eras of music from the 60's to more current tunes. Most of all, we have fun playing music. We always have a good time on stage and that tends to rub off on the audience.