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ALPINES - Winter Newsletter (Jan 29, 2007)

We've been very busy this winter drinking tankards of expensive imported beer, buying multiple argyle sweaters, planning world domination, etc. We are really excited about potential spring dates, but we thought you might enjoy a winter update.

---------------------- iTunes! CDBaby! ---------------------- Alpines are going global. Fire up the iTunes store, type "Alpines" in the search field, and watch what happens! We're old fashioned, so we recommend that you pick up a physical copy of the album at one of our shows (we'll even sign it for you!), or from CDBaby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/alpines.

----------------------- NEW MATERIAL ----------------------- We employed Joey D's recording expertise to set up a small studio in our Wethersfield Rehearsal space, where we recorded two new songs: Burial at Sea, and Hawthorne downs. The former is about a botched spy operation (yeah, I know, I need a new source of inspiration—ladies?), and the latter is about—drumroll—the Salem Witch Trials. Maybe someday I'll start writing about important things like love and loss, but until then, you're stuck with arcane ramblings about things I've never actually done or seen!

*****Keep your eyes on our Myspace in the coming months--you might be the first to hear some really exciting new material!

---------- RADIO ---------- If you haven't already, check out Rob Farrish's (WESU 88.1 FM, Wesleyan Radio) fantastic review of Strange Company: http://home.comcast.net/~chocolate-cake/robrec.html. Also, please call the WESU 88.1 FM request line (860.685.7700) and ask them to play something off of Alpines' stunning debut EP! Do this often.

------------------ THANK YOU ------------------ We played a great show at the Webster Theater on January 6th, and thanks to the loyal support of our friends, families, and fans, we managed to draw more than the headlining act! We also bought some spiffy new silver sharpies so we can rectify any botched John Hancocks we may have carved into your Strange Company EP booklets with our alarmingly defective pens. Bring your tattered booklet to our next show and we'll improve the signatures with some help from our newly acquired permanent marker technology.

------------------ FAREWELLS ------------------ Say goodbye to Joey D (he is still not dead)! Parting is such sweet sorrow; we're really going to miss having Joe around. We had a great time working on new material, and hanging out with him over the holidays. Best of luck to Joe as he acquires mad skills down in sunny Florida (make a mental note to never challenge him to a game of shuffleboard, bridge, or canasta—those Floridians are merciless).

Cheers, Alpines