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***Not Another Indie Blog...... Interview***

We did a quick little interview with a guy called Raul this week. He runs 'Not Another Indie Blog' www.thenaib.com There are other interviews with The Boxer Rebellion, The Chapman Family, Peter Bjorn& John and loads more to check out. You can read the SCARS ON 45 interview by clicking this link www.thenaib.com/2009/04/scars-on-45-interview.html

***Back In the Studio......***

We are back in the studio re-recording 'Beauty's Running Wild' - the version used on CSI NY which most of you will know was just a really old demo from a few years ago. The song wasn't initially gonna go on the album but because of the reaction after CSI NY we have decided to add it. Its actually gonna be the first single (more than likely)..........watch this space..... S x