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Movin' wit the Flow

Nobody ever said the road to stardom would be an easy one. It is said some achieve Greatness, some are born with it, and some have Greatness thrust upon them. I believe it is within the individual to determine where he fits in the scheme of things. Many stick to an erred principle that "hard work" will get you to where you want to be. Bullshit. Working hard will never get you anywhere. You gotta work smart. Embracing the principles of the "Effortless effort", 99% of all your work will be completed in your mind first. Know how to move with the flow and rest in the headwind. Be like the water which offers no resistance to obstacles, yet gently and surely finding a sure course even from the low ground.

LIVE! In the Den Radio. Episode3

Wow! We're expecting another successful tonite. Loosenin' up with a little "Unicorn" playing in the background while uploading the crates for tonite's spins. "Thanks to everybody who puts up with my funny ways." C. Keene-El

Bangla Producers' Den www.producersden.com

Oh the show's at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/producersden

Hip Hop Institute of Baltimore's jumpoff...

Last night was a celebration of the 5 elements of Hip hop (B-Boying, MCing, DJing, Graffiti, Knowledge of Self. The event itself was pretty dope. Brought back that CLASSIC Hip Hop ish from all levels. Kode Street, Stryfe Stryker Eightsense and Rain did their thing in the cipha too! I wasn't really trippin cuz it was all fun but I got on the mic and went digital immediately. They jus wasn't redy! Remind me to set the notch at about 6 before overdrive.

Reverb Blog #1

So in efforts to spread the music to as many ears as possible, I decided to make a progress report (of sorts) of our activities until we get that deal that needs to happen ASAP. Just finished another aspect of setting up our promotions which includes this blog. We decided to release the 1st Producers' Den album early this summer and currently are working on productions. Slow-motion doesn't say enough. Too many hats to wear and not enough time in the day to get things done. One step at a time though. About 2 songs completely done. Everything else is in the works. I just got word my man EightSense is back in town. We could sure use his engineering expertise. His newly released album "Destiny vs. Fate" was definitely top quality sound. Back to the grind.