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follow the link for free downloads in nearly any Format you might want- http://nakedbaconband.bandcamp.com/album/naked-bacon-live-at-the-cct

Audio/Video Recording of our next Show!

We are going to Shoot Video of our next gig at The Cedarwood Dome on March 13th! It has the coolest stage, a sweet P.A., Great Sound man and a cool vibe. SoundGarden, Randy Hansen, Pearl Jam and many others have performed on that very stage. It's got Mojo Baby...and we're going to intertwine it with our own Mojo and capture it on film!! We will post a few songs from it on our online video players and rotate them so check back often to get your Bacon on!!

Working on New songs

We've purposefully left some space in our schedule so we can work on some new songs. Our song Writer, Michael Langston,says words are always bombarding his head and spilling out on to paper so we're taking some of those groups of words and making songs out of them. Things are going along nicely so we plan to have at least 2-3 new songs ready to introduce as we ramp back up on our performance schedule. And there are more songs behind those so stay tuned for new song postings!

Adventures in Gigging cont.

We played a show at Jimmy T's here locally last Saturday night 1-30-2010 and it went really well. More than 100 people,the staff so busy my food came cold and that was before the show, Girls were dancing and the Topper was the Owner grabbing me as we were leaving & telling me that even though he was no longer going to use the Promoter who got us the gig there, He still wanted us to come back because he liked our sound and the people we drew! He told me to pick a night! We played well, we had a Blast, our fans had a Blast!..It was just a really cool night!!

Adventures in gigging

4/4/09-We had a great night at The Wall Bar & Grill. We got to play 2 sets which is always our preferrence and we had a really cool crowd. Our night was dedicated to 4 dear friends who recently passed away but it was anything but solemn. We all just had a blast and gave our friends the best Bon Voyage they could have had! The energy was top shelf and so was the music!! It still sets me back when folks from the crowd come up and tell me we were sick or we totally rocked. One hopes for such praise but never expects it!