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Life's Ups and Downs

This past week, one of my guitar students, and a fine young man, Wil Kondrich and his band, 'Hot Metal Bridge' won the battle of the bands contest that they were in. I could not be any happier for these guys. It is such a positive sign, that there are teenagers out there with guitars and drums ready to take on the world. . Congratulations men...

Yesterday, a very talented guitar player, Glenn Pavone passed away from complications due to cancer. Throughout the years we would share gigs together. Glenn with Billy Price or his own band, the Cyclones. Me with Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers. I can't say we ever became great friends, but we would always have kind words to say to each other. I last saw Glenn at the 'Guitars Over Cancer' benefit show in June. Again, he kindly asked if I was working a lot, and I asked how he was feeling. Small talk. He always seemed to be unselfish. Even on stage, he was more relaxed a little behind the front. Never a person who seemed to have to prove anything. I feel deeply sorry for his wife and family, and all the folks he touched with his music. I know I feel it.. Peace now brother...

From the birth of one to the passing of another, we learn so much about this life.

When the world breaks in two

When the world breaks in two Red on one side, blue the other I hope you are safe Of course, I will long be gone A soldier, was I, this is for you to know For the hungry, orphaned, lonely, poor Like me The truth of all is this Destruction rarely comes from outside For it is from within, I believe This is where fear drives its nail This is where hatred is begat This is where paranoia can seize And destroy the basic assumption That all are created equal That freedom is divine

When the world breaks in two It will not be of right and left But rather nicely in the center Fanaticism, without compromise Religion, which takes Gods name In vain As well as peace And love And righteousness The common soul is filled With indignation, but has no recourse Only to pray and plead to Their enraged creator In the distance, someone is playing John Coltrane Listen


It is narrowly known (only by a few) that I, with slight fanfare, celebrated my forty ninth year of living. This event brought me a surprising, feeling of comfort. I would have guessed, that standing next to fifty would be a time of great anxiety. But I believe, I am more content, and the ground beneath my feet more solid then ever. Not necessarily a pillar of concrete, but one that is more easy to walk upon. To all my friends, I thank you for making my journey worth the price of the ticket. I will look deep into the darkness, into the light, into the sadness, into the face of happiness, and know I am being, and living with purpose. I'll keep listening. I will also continue to report my findings. Peace to all.. See you at the bar, BT


What's on my mind for 2010:

- When you live with women, they will always have the last say. So I will be the first to 'Shut Up'. - I'll let them fight amongst themselves. They'll have less energy on me. - When the tape is rolling, roll a big one. - It doesn't take balls to get on stage, just social anxiety to keep you out of the crowd. - I wrote a song once. Now I'm trying to figure out how it's going to end. - I love to tour, but hate the travelling. - I'll overcome fear. I won't leave the house. - I won't say anything political, but I will politicize the words I use to describe the truth. - I won't complain about the heat in the summer, cause I'm FREEZING my ass off right now.. - I passed the age to know I will never be a big league ballplayer. But haven't hit the age where I want my balls forgotten. - I won't bitch about life, because I'm not so sure about the alternative.

The wheels keep turning....

Happy New Year


Paranoia Blues

I know they're coming for my nuts. You know what I mean. The leaders of these fields are planning to send the farmers (armed with bigger nuts) to come and take away my nuts. The nuts our forefathers fought and died for, let me tell you. When they first came here, one of the first things they said was, "let all, who choose, possess as many nuts as they want." Well, maybe that was the second thing said, but no matter. I am a responsible nut owner. My nuts are locked up and the kids cannot get to 'em. Of course when little Charleton turns eight, he will be given his first 'intro' nut. What's this land coming to when good, decent, nut owners are targeted like that. I see it now. All those left wingers out to grab my nuts.They'll have to pry my nuts out of my cold stiff hands before I just give them over. I am a responsible nut owner. I am licensed and have had the required background check. For the most part, I don't use my nuts a lot. I just like to hold them in my hand once and awhile, just to feel that I have my manhood still intact.