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It's done!

The album is done! It feels good to finally be able to say that. It was kind of a strange, elongated process but I learned many things and I'm quite pleased with the turnout. It kinda seems like forever ago back in November when I started using PC based software for the first time after much deliberate avoidance and had to learn new programs and essentially start from scratch in that regard. Add work, life, my never ending car troubles at the time and PC hardware failures, it's amazing the damn thing exists at all. Am I patting myself on the back here? I cannot thank Grega Habic enough for his contribution to this record in every aspect possible from sick leads, bass, drums and production, not to mention both support and challenge when I needed them. A guy couldn't ask for a better friend and band mate. "All Things Considered" is already available for mp3 download at CD Baby and Amazon, and will soon be available in every digital facet you can think of from iTunes and Google to Rhapsody and Spotify. The physical copies are slated for delivery tomorrow (July 5th). Those will be available in my store at my website (jesseadamsmusic.com) and also on Facebook and at Karma Records. Right now I'm also looking at when, where and how to have an album release party and also get some t shirts made. I'll keep you guys posted. Until then, enjoy the holiday! It's hot as hell!