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In the burning forests, the ghost of hanged men..........

Distances travelled as I lose my faith in this world, dreams take flight and sadness to demons delight, one day their will be a place for us, don't tell me it's not our born-given right, too many people have lost all their love, cut down by the streets dirty and cruel, when comes to push and shove, time will leave you for the fool, and so I ask you can we have the right, to leave our memories around like discarded meat, all this weight that we do fight, will it purify in anger and heat, let this ocean take me away, wash me of this emptiness as vast, as worlds so soon to collide, and intimate moments of the past, dissipate as so much grey dust, did you respect us as the last, profits who you still can trust, like the sea so cold and unforgiving, never knowing who we really are, I dissapear down the train tracks, resting now only when I am far, away from this small empty space, as we gaze upon the same star, speak in codes straight to my mind, as I stumble my way farther behind, old ghosts make my heart rewind, and hold my spirit to grind, sunsets and sweet and sour regrets, tell me how your feeling, in this mess that we're left in, no one left to do the healing, waiting to be born again, into your blackened valentine heart, tripping down the stairs again, as the moments rip me apart, I'm howlin in pain crawlin up the wall, the shit prince with heart on sleeve, and even the closest wanna see me fall, so together we all may grieve, hangmen hang with themselves, in a forest they have set afire, building up their curse, like wood in a funeral pyre, i have a beautiful gift to give, in the form of poison passion, I got rain to cool you down, what grows there was not my intention, babtize me in your personal misery, and leave me for the sunrize, this doomed and desolate place, is my one and only prize, I hold the key to the box, containing my lonely glimmer of hope, dancing alone in the dark, like some sick, devoted pope.

Stranger  (over 7 years ago)

wow Oldboy. You have written some beautiful words here. I Just came by to listen to another track (caged tigers) which is awesome. then thought to read the blog here. I really admire this blog entry. Had to read it a couple times!