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Lost Masters Collection

Kool Keith Launches The Lost Masters Collection And Official Ringtones 3 Disc Set, 50 Songs From The Vaults Including The All New Volume 3 First Single Is The Summer Anthem “Laid Back In The Sun”

Los Angeles CA – Kool Keith is set to launch the epic Lost Masters Collection on August 4th through DMAFT Records/Oglio Records, a Fontana/Universal distributed label. The legend, the cult icon, the genius, the enigma, the spankmaster, the doctors, the man with 1,000 personalities celebrates his on-going Lost Masters series with a special three CD set. The all new Lost Masters Volume 3 combined with the re-issues Lost Masters Volume 1 and Volume 2 as special bonus discs in collectable DigiPak packaging. Kool Keith is releasing three discs of music, 50 tracks, for a single disc price to give back to his fans for years of support.

The first single and video from the Lost Masters Collection is “Laid Back In The Sun” (video directed by GrandFather Greenbacks). Kool Keith ringtones are available for all three Lost Masters releases (and all his DMAFT Records releases). DMAFT Records, an Oglio Entertainment Group Inc. label, has been a consistent home base for Kool Keith, releasing his Lost Masters series, the Diesel Truckers project, his return with the legendary Ultramagnetic MC’s and a related project, the Siamese Sex Show.

For all things Kool Keith including press photos and cover art, visit Dmaft.com, myspace.com/koolkeith and youtube.com/dmaftrecords