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Press on

Walk in the Light becuse Jesus is in the Light darkness is all around and the evil one is on every corner there to stop you from doing the Will of God. Yes we all fall an come short of what God Wishes of us to do , Keep on keepin on my brothers an sisters Like James said This life is like a vapor,,. God bless you all pray for me and I for you peace an Love to you Michael Ken.

Walk by Faith

As a Christian everyday is not filled with perfect anything, The Bible says it will rain on the Just an the un Just,, So walk by faith not by sight Pray an read Gods work ask him to lead you and Threw his word he will speak to you.Be strong an know you are never alone Jesus is always with you God Bless you all be of Good Cheer Your Brother in Christ Michael Ken.

Thank you

In Heaven there are many fallin soldiers We remember them an Thank God for there service to keep freedom here in America God Bless the USA .

My Prayer

I pray for you all to embrace The Gospel an ., an let the voice of God Lead you in every thing you do, an he make all your dreams come true In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,,.


Our Life should be a light to this dark world Our works be a testimony to our faith in God, Jesus Christ our Savoir , Let us make it a point to do good an do good from the heart have you ever noticed how it warms your heart when you do good for other, God Bless you all Michael Ken

Gods Love

Gods Love oh How blessed we are, With each passing day Closer to being in his Presents and being with all the saints be for us, Press on my Brothers an Sisters , Be a Light in this dark world so someone who doesn't know Jesus will threw the Life you live before them and they will know Gods Love,,.


Ok a time for new beginnings an a walk in faith, Knowing the Lord will alway Lead the way, Wate your Faith with prayer and weed out all dout and when you need rest just be still and know Jesus is Lord of all for we know we can do all thing threw Christ that gives us Strength,,. Be of good cheer never fear The Lord will lift you up and know You are his Child,,. God Bless you all Michael Ken.

My Life

Oh Lord let my Life be a devotion to You, For give me of my Sin,an search my Heart show me what is not pleasing to You my Lord,Give me the strength an courage to change what is not pleasing in your sight Jesus,Let my feet stand on solid ground and your Love flow threw me all the days of my Life, Every Song I sing I sing unto You in Jesus name Your Child Michael Ken....

He is With Me

Our faith Will be tested, It is in trials were we Learn the Lords Grace,,.How do we know we can stand unless we stand Up,When we speak we must speak in faith Knowing the battle is already won, Be of good cheer my brothers an sisters when the road becomes rocky this is where you grow to be the Men an Woman of God psalm 28.7The Lord is my strength and my shield,My heart trust in him,and I am helped. Peace an God Bless you all Your brother Michael Ken

Praise To The Lord

Give Praise To the Lord all the day an night, Be thankful in all things, Lord make my life a prayer to you,,. Give praise all For this is Day of the Lord,,. God bless You all have a great weekend........