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Pea Ridge Pop Festival

Nice nice performance tonight at the Pea Ridge Festival. We had a great reception as the headliners. Thankz for the love everybody. Oh, and we had a business card given to us by this cool talent buyer concerning booking us. Our hard work paying off y'all. http://stonitaylor.net/

The Encore

ST*M.O.S UPDATE! For those that missed our return? Here's the Encore: Come on.....https://www.facebook.com/events/401995323198426/

To the Fans

To all of you that put your foot into it and stepped through that door last night? Kudos to you! You made the evening ridiculously electric. Their was so much love and mad energy in that room, it was hypnotic. We greatly appreciate YOU! To those who couldn't make? Thank you so much for your interest in us. Don't sweat missing this one....we're doing it all again. We'll keep you all posted on our next moves. Pics and Video footage from the show last night will be posted soon. Thanks again guys...ONE LOVE universally. http://stonitaylor.net/

Singer performance....

I eat light two days before a show... I like to feel light, like I can fly... nothing fried...theirs nothing like moist, warm and unscratched vocal cords. Yes, this is best for you and me on show night, believe me.

Sharing the energy...

Madness..we "ST*M.O.S" were in the matrix at rehearsal last night. All energy levels were on high. In 48 some odd hours we will be transferring that energy to you.

ST*MOS update: And we haven't even hit the stage yet:

ST*MOS update: There will be some Industry peeps in the house at the show on the 22nd...to check us out, independent and other wise. But don't think that because we're killing it on stage that we're doing it just because they're coming out. I can't mention who these katz are because I promised not too. But I'm sure some of you may recognize one or two of them. This show is getting hotter by the day.

"Driven Music Conference"

ST*MOS update: We'll be in the house at the "Driven Music Conference" in Oct....not only doing a performance, but also crashing very informative panels. If you're in our line of business, you may want to attend this. Be it you're Independent or what ever, you need information to navigate this business. http://www.drivenatlanta.com/

Up coming show

We're preparing for what will prove to be one of the hottest shows we've done this year. Check performance calender.

Thed Grind....

We're grinding out this photo shoot /rehearsal atthesamedamntime...right now!