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The Brandon Projekt at The Cabooze August 14th

It was a wonderful show and a great experience playing at The Cabooze. The Crowd was dancing and the energy was great. We would love to play this venue again.

Funkalicious Supatite

Funkalicious Supatite - I like this a lot. Kash came up with it. Perhaps I need to get crackin' on a new tune with this title? More to come....

The future

Good things are coming this year in regards to our music. I have been working hard to find talent here in the twin cities and it has been difficult for me since leaving Los Angeles. Currently I am working with an outstanding guitarist Grady Profant, and have also been talking to an exceptional singer Brandon Perkins....both from out of state...go figure. The songs in this list we're recorded with my band in 1995. They will be hopefully re-released in 2009 and also have many ideas for vocal arrangements. Stay tuned as we get through all of the recording and perhaps do some performances in the future.