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blah blah blaaaaaahhhhh!

what up out there r.n.? just touching base. Finshed tracking drumms for our new E.P. and guitar work to come soon. We are now looking @ a mid july release date.... we encountered some computer problems and where forced to start all over... thems the breaks kids.. A good friend of ours is engineering and "producing" this one so it should be killer.. untill next time.. keep your ear to the ground and your eyes on the horizon... F.L.O...


so here i am again... are you out there reverb nation.....? is there anybody listening.....? we 've begun recording our new e.p. should be finished some time around mid june, at least thats the plan.... more shows to come. SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!! stay tuned. i shall return... L.

my first BLOG ever

what up reverb nation... its larry from first.last.only... here.. well it took me 4 ever but i finally have access to the internet, so you'll be hearing from me quite a bit. Check us out on my.space as well as pure volume.com. Or you can do it the old fashion way by actually getting off ur ass and support your local scene by attending a show. there are a lot of great bands in the area so... wake up! turn off your T.V., disconect yourself from this electronic leash called the world wide web... meet some new people, in person for a change. till next time..... L.