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Oops, time for this year's blog entry

So, 2011 is going into the home stretch. I am continuing to develop and evolve in the whole songwriting thing (in fits and starts).

Stand by for more in the days, weeks, months and years to come (well not literally "stand by". . . you probably have stuff to do too.)

Peace in...

Another year - same old changes

In the year since I posted my previous blog entry "An Eclectic Mix of Styles" I have posted many new songs, updated some, taken some down and even decided to post a few cover songs.

So, my repertoire and interests remain eclectic (and seemingly unfocused) yet continue to evolve.

One of my favorite truisms is something that I heard a lot in the context of adapting to changing conditions in the corporate world but that applies universally; "The only thing that remains constant is change". We can sometimes force it, we can sometimes influence it and sometimes we can only accept it and "go with the flow".

Now, everybody join hands....

An Eclectic Mix of Styles

Like many musicians it's hard to pin me down to one particular style or genre. So far on Reverbnation and MySpace I have posted song samples which are largely acoustic guitar and/or mandolin based original tunes mostly because this is the easiest for me as a solo artist to record on my own. However within the posted list and certainly within the body of songs I've written or recorded and not posted online there is a great variety of styles represented. These include everything from solo acoustic guitar instrumentals to mediterranean influenced mandolin tunes to folk to rock and blues vocals, etc. Although I do play and sometimes record cover tunes I have avoided posting cover versions of existing songs online partly because of potential copyright infringment problems but also partly because I want to showcase my songwriting/composing abilities.